Monday, September 13, 2010

Product Review: Jerome Russell TEMP'RY HAIR COLOR

Soo....out of curiosity I wanted to see how my hair would look with a touch of color. When I went to my local beauty supply store, I came across this Jerome Russell spray on hair color. I thought to my self "why not"!!!??, so I purchased a can in "Honey Blonde" for $2.99. When I arrived home I was sooo excited to try it. I figure I would just add some colors to my bangs. Shake, shake, shake!!! sprayed it and my reaction was WOAH!!! More came out then I wanted. With this spray can it was very difficult to have steady control, so when I sprayed it would just shoot out everywhere....and I mean EVERYWHERE! I had this stuff all over me, which I expected but not to this extent. If you're a person who loves putting your fingers through your hair (or your spouse does), then I would not recommend buying this product. I say this because the color will simply rub off on your hands. I wasn't blown away with the results, but what more can you expect from hair color in a spray can! Also please keep in mind that you do not get that much product (2.2oz), so if you plan on spraying your entire head (which i would never do) I recommend you buy a few cans.

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